The juciest chicken breast

Chicken Breast is the easiest way to impress your family and friends. It's incredibly simple, very quick and 100% delicious. This is how we do it:

1) Trim - remove the fat and silver skin off the chicken breast. Also trim the point so it's a little rounder and cooks more evenly.

2) Season - I'm obsessed with Booma's BBQ Clucked and Plucked (I even put it on my scrambled eggs each morning). Cover each breast with your favourite rub and make sure you don't forget the sides. 

3) Cook - stick your thermometer in the biggest part of the breast. Ease your smoker up to 250F and the finishe product should have an internal temperature around 162-163f. The whole process should only take one to two hours however this will vary on the number of breast and your smoker.

4) Wrap - once you hit the required internal temperate, wrap the breasts in foil. Add a spoon of unsalted butter prior to wrapping, which helps keep the breasts moist. It'll be wrapped for approx. 10 minutes. During this time, it'll continue cooking and get you right on that 165f, which is the safe eating temperature for chicken.

5) Serve it - when you're ready to serve it, make sure the juicy goodness in the foil is poured over the breast.

It's simple and incredibly delicious.  

Reverse-Seared Rib Eye

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